Off Road

Off Road 

THE NEWEST ADDITION to Shinko’s world leading hybrid off-road tyre range. The 520DC (Dual Compound) incorporates the aggressive directional pattern of Shinko’s original 520A and utilises the now famous ‘CHEATER’ Compound. Using the cheater compound across the crown of the tyre and original 520A compound on the shoulder knobs allowing for maximum grip in all conditions under acceleration whilst the bike is upright or cornering. The harder shoulder compound also allows for the side knobs to not distort and therefore loose drive under acceleration. The directional pattern of the 520DC tire works well in intermediate to hard terrain. 

Features include; 

  • Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking 
  • Directional tread pattern 
  • Dual Compound rubber for maximised life and performace 

Rear tyre 

  • BCE
    PART #
  • Size
  • Description
  • speed rating
  • Load index
  • Recom Rim
  • Overall Diameter
  • Width
  • Ply
  • Max Load
  • Tube Type
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Rear Tyres

  • S765
  • 120/100-18
  • M
  • 68
  • 2.15
  • 27.44
  • 4.69
  • 4
  • 694
  • TT
  • 33
  • AU$155.00